Custom Configs service for Storm, Sentry, Snipr and BlackBullet. Cheap, BTC, PayPal

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I am offering a configs service.

  • I can create configs for Storm , Snipr, Sentry and Black Bullet full with capture.
  • Can create configs for Both Website/Mobile APPS
  • Can fix your broken configs or update them with relevent criteria

Price Ranges:  8$-30$ depends on what you are looking for or the difficulty of site.


Want to Purchase? Use this Format to send me details



Login URL of site:

has mobile app? Yes/NO

A working account:

A description of what to capture exactly:





  • You cannot Leak configs i sell you.
  • You cannot resell them.
  • i'll provide 1 day warranty for config. 
  • i can deny to create config for you at any point
    ChargeBack on PayPal leads to a Scam report.


PS: i don't make config for site which has Recpatcha security by Google(Exception for BlackBullet Configs if you are ready to spend money for Captcha solvings). So please before contacting me check the site.

There could be more reason for a config to not be possible.

Payment Methods:

Currenctly Accepting BTC,ETH, PayPal only F&F Can accept Gift cards too if its useful for me.

Discord: Abdullah346#1295


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Can you give me your icq number?

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