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  1. A little more than a week has passed since payment and receipt, as promised by the seller. I checked the performance, all the declared functions work, the device is super. Many thanks for the advice and technical assistance.
  2. Congratulation! You are the winner sir! Pm me in the crack.sx or pm me in discord! LEFTCRACKER#0712
  3. sir, not a good obfuscate ! so you can check the source
  4. [align=center]actually, the premium that it captures are usually USA accounts. And "Maybe Premium" well actually it's the other countries So it's 50/50 it may contain premium or may not And everyone knows the Free account! it locks around 10%-30% accounts So good luck! And kindly read the readme.txt before using! [Hide] Download [/Hide] Don't use spam words you will be instant banned![/align]
  5. To participate" You must comment something! 1 user = 1 comment! When 30+ comments are done I will announce the winner via random number generator! ************************************************************************* Ended Winner @AllZec
  6. Enjoy fellows! [Hide] 235333205216006:3202 235338698356999:4224 [/Hide]
  7. So well includes gta 5, cod, bf1 etc enjoy and be active in forum more hq stuffs will be waiting for you! [Hide] Credentials: ansandoval2000@yahoo.com:coolcat21 PsnID: AutumnNicole_ Country: US Date of checking: 01.10.18 09:28:16 -------------------- The Heavy Rain™ & BEYOND: Two Souls™ Collection [08.08.18] Fortnite - 1,000 V-Bucks [12.07.18] Fortnite Battle Royale - Starter Pack [13.04.18] -------------------- Credentials: anthony.hickinbotham@aurizon.com.au:jack2002 PsnID: hickbo67 Country: AU Date of checking: 01.10.18 09:29:11 -------------------- PlayStation®Plus: 12 Month Membership [07.12.17] Call of Duty®: Infinite Warfare - Ozzy Man Reviews VO Pack [11.08.17] CALL OF DUTY®: MWR VARIETY MAP PACK (EFIGSP) [19.04.17] Infinite Warfare - Legacy Edition Disc Upgrade [09.02.17] Battlefield™ 1 Premium Pass [16.11.16] Rent a Server (30 days) [08.09.16] Battlefield Bundle [28.06.16] -------------------- Credentials: antonellicamille@gmail.com:cacabala98 PsnID: Camiuccia_ Country: FR Date of checking: 01.10.18 09:29:13 -------------------- Paquets de dollars - Great White Shark [25.09.18] Grand Theft Auto V [19.09.18] WRC 6 FIA World Rally Championship [20.01.18] PlayStation®Plus : abonnement de 3 mois [16.09.17] Les animaux fantastiques [02.04.17] -------------------- [/Hide]
  8. Welcome To our forum sir!